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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

The Secret Of Most Influential Speakers | Covert Hypnotic Persuasion

Who wants to learn how to tell good stories?
Have you ever wanted to know how to influence people people by telling good stories, stories that engage and compel people?

A great story teller is one of the secrets of the most influential speakers. And there are multiple uses for that, whether it’s the distraction method, embedded commands, embedded suggestions, parallel realities, there’s all kinds of stuff you can do with stories.
The key to being a great story teller is being in the right state of mind to tell stories. Is like when you tell a joke and you laugh, you are creating the right atmosphere. First you need to open the door to the joke room first.

In this video Igor explains some very simple rules for storytelling. You can also download the PDF transcript.

1 comment:

  1. In my previous job I worked with many dynamic speakers. Looking back with what I've learned from Igor, I can now see that the best speakers, the ones that really captivated their audiences, were the really good story tellers. My previous boss was one of those people, and people loved listening to him speak.